Bard - Gifted In The Language Of Music


Str – 9; Dex – 16; Con – 13; Int – 14; Wis – 10; Cha – 16

Fort – 2; Ref – 7; Will – 4

AC – 18; Touch AC – 13; Flat-Footed AC – 14

Melee Att – 2; Range Att – 6; CMB – 2; CMD – 15

HP – 32

Wears a mithral shirt, and wears a pair of goggles on forehead.


Deep in the Wasteland a man was bent over a desk, whose table top was covered in sketches and what appeared to be formulas and math equations written in some foreign language or code. He went about muttering to himself as he continued to write upon the pages. ” That’s it! It should do. Now to test it….” he exclaimed before walking right out of the room. He went down several corridors when he suddenly turned left and headed for the stairs. ” Down on level 4 was that group of troublesome pests they should still be fresh. It’s only been a day. My precious will not have had time to eat them all yet.” he muttered to himself as he walked down the stairs towards his destination. When he arrived he spotted the bloody mess his precious had left of the group of adventurers. As he approached he found that there really wasn’t much left as rats had swarmed what was left. “BAH, HAH, SHOO” he cried as he gesticulated wildly to frighten the rats away long enough to grab some of the leftover flesh. Being in a hurry he grabbed the largest chunks he could find. One from the pile on the left which appeared to be from a male elven ranger from what he could tell and from the right some flesh from what appeared to be a human female of some sort. The fact that they were from different piles of remains didn’t bother him. This was only for a test after all. He went back to his office uptairs with his spoils. When he entered the office he walked right past the desk and to a tapestry located on the left wall and walked to it. Brushing it asside he strides threw the now exposed archway. Inside he walks past several large clear vats with strange malformed creatures floating in the blue ooze. He walks halfway down the line of vats to an empty one. He places the flesh inside and waves a hand toward the far wall which is covered in jars and pouches and other strange items, including several jars of parts. With his gesture several items come and float to the vat and are placed inside this continues for quite sometime until he is pleased with the blue ooze that now fills 3/4 of the vat. The remaining ingredients and jars float back to the wall and shelve themselves. He carreses the vat as he places the lid on top he murmurs as he strokes it ” You will not disapoint me.” With one last stroke his hand wipes a bit of dust away revealing a bronze 7 on the top of the vat lid.

  • * *

After several months and the unwise repeated use of his contacts in search of very hard to get ingredients he came to the attention of ARMOR. Who had sent a team of adventurers out to stop him. After fighting thier way through the dungeon past the beasts. They made it to his study, catching him unawares they tore into him leaving no body behind after a truly enthusiastic “Fireball”. While looting the room for anything of import one of them stumbled through the tapestry covered doorway. Which led to the discovery of the vats. After realising the creatures within were malformed but aware they found it best to put them down and end the suffering. They then found the last vat contained not some mishaped beast but what appeared to be a half elf which strangely enough did not appear to be either male nor female but some exotic combination of both (in appearence at least). The leader of the group decided not to kill it after finding out it was aware being an elf he held life to be sacred. He decided to bring it back to ARMOR and ducate it in hopes that some good could come from this great evil. Not knowing what to call it they named it 7.


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