Capital City of Veros.

Centos is surrounded by 60 foot high walls, with five gates leading into the city. There are three sections of Centos, Nu, Xi, and Rho.

Nu is the largest section, it is also the lower class area. Most houses are not stable, or are built to inferior standard, with poor materials (basically, shacks). Many of the residents work for the businesses in the middle class district of Rho, or are servants and other laborers for the residents of the upper class, Xi. But there is also a healthy portion (or unhealthy) that are simply jobless hobos that scape away at the bottom of society for life. two gates are connected from the Nu district facing north and west.

Rho is the second largest section, it is also colloquially known as a business district. The district is somewhat a crescent moon shape surrounding the section Xi, and connecting to the south and east side of the Nu section. In the Rho section, there are many traders, and tradeworkers, the highly skilled, and paid live in Rho, or even in the upper class Xi. Workers from Nu train under the masters of their arts in hopes of affording a better life. There are three gates in the Rho section, south-southwest, southeast and northeast.

Xi holds the richest inhabitants of Centos, it is in the center of the city, and encapsulates the Main Castle, The Ministry of ARMOR, The Institute of Spellwork and Alchemy, and the Guild of Tinkerers. All of the leaders of Centos live in Xi, but anyone with considerable wealth has residence there as well. The streets in Xi are lined with lamp posts powered by electricity, all provided by the Guild of Tinkerers.


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