Veros is one the the strongest regions in Fortuna Terra.

The middle of the region is occupied by the capital city of Centos. Most of the area surrounding Centos is plains or farm land, and several satellite towns who support it. There are five towns in Veros, Kumi, Dreok, Guli, Porum and Yok.

Veros is mostly populated by humans, but there are pockets of halfling communities, half-elves (and rarely elves), a smattering of other races, and the odd outcast half-orc.

The towns are not of much note, except for Guli, which is closest to the Wasteland Border, being an area that houses many (usually illegal) refugees of the wastes. The town, Kumi is near the border to the region Foyis, and was built on land centuries ago that once had a large forest, but was cut down to be materials for the future Veros, it has since then been a sore point for negotiations between Veros and Foyis. Although the town of Yok is quite close to the border to the region of Vomica Plaga, the cursed land, townsfolk have not expressed problems.

Veros is surrounded by a 60 foot high fortified wall, protecting it from regions like the Wasteland, and Vomica Plaga, and serving as secure watchpoints for any concerns passing through.

The heiarchy of government in Veros is as follows.

  • Townspeople in each respective town are governed by a Mayor, who controls taxes involving items specific to the town (repairs to public facilities, freelance heroes, town militia spending, etc). He is ultimately in charge of the town guards, and is the representative in addressing issues of his town to the higher powers of government.
  • Centos city however, is divided into three sections, Nu, Xi, and Rho. Each section being taken care of by a Regent, who has duties similar to a mayor, except that actions of guards are instead controlled by the Commander of the Guard. Along with the duties above, each Regent is responsible for any requests made by the two towns assigned to them.
  • above the regents, but on par with the Commander of the Guard, are leaders of other government branches, such as the Minister for ARMOR, or the Headmaster of the Institute of Alchemy and Spellwork. They each have important duties that relate to Veros being in a state of power. The Commander ensures the region is well defended, and keeps a close eye on other region relations, the Institute keeps research on how to maintain a powerful hold of arcana, should it need be, and the Ministry of ARMOR handles various issues, ranging from monster activity (which can be out of town guard’s proficiencies), certain magic items (which again, lie out of the scope of other government factions), and even subterfuge operations relating to other regions.


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