Wasteland is the name for the lawless, fairly uncivilized region northwest of Veros.

The wasteland is a combination of rocky canyons, valleys and craters, with expanses of “parched earth” and patches of desert. There are pockets of life thriving in this desolate region, but with many abandoned “pockets” where life did not thrive. The Wasteland has a crescent moon shaped mountain range stretching from it’s north end around the west and south meeting near the curse lands of Vomica Plaga.

There are many small settlements throughout the wasteland, but most belong to nomadic travelers or barbarians, who keep constant movement to evade certain dangers. Although the most notable “permanent” settlement is Gurgito Somes, an orc-fortified city built out of a massive Hoodoo, which is located approx. 150 miles from Veros’s border gate.

Another settlement is Bajaa, it serves as a relatively neutral ground for the more civilized races of the Wasteland. Most hold a truce with each other for the reason that without Bajaa many would not survive, it is a key point in shelter from sandstorms, and being near the center of the wasteland, makes travel all that much easier. Bajaa is without a doubt the information center of the wastes.

Gurgito Somes is the closest thing to a capital of the wasteland, orcs being the predominant race. The savage city is occupied by only orcs (with the exception of goblin slaves) Even half-orcs are not allowed into the city’s walls, although half-orcs are the only ones who do not get shot when unannounced and in range of the guard towers. There are many other smaller orc tribes in the wastelands, but not all of them share the animosity of other races. Currently, the situation of power between the tribes, is that all tribes have free reign of the lands west of the Veros border and Gurgito Somes (uneventful since the wasteland stretches into the west and north with less and less signs of life, and to the south is the cursed land Vomica Plaga). Scholars and Generals agree, that the purpose of Gurgito Somes maintaining a tight hold over the eastern part of the wasteland has to do with an attempt to run against Veros’ border, or to flood into Foyis, which also shares some border with the wasteland.

when you live in the wasteland, you eat meat. If you don’t, you might be dead

There is almost no form of agriculture in the wasteland, and almost no water, above or below, with exception when a wind brings rainclouds from the southeast. Despite this, there seems to be an unending supply of creatures to eat (or be eaten by). Some scribes believe there is a creature (no matter how minute) that eats sand or rocks, but is made of meat, and this supports the ecosystem of the wastes.


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