The Ministry of Adventure Relations and Magical Object Reacquisition

The Ministry is a government controlled faction of the region, Veros, the headquarters in the capital city of Centos.

  • at the bottom of the chain are initiates, footsoldiers who take the brunt of any task.
  • above, are knights, who are much like initiates in duties, but are trusted with magic items.
  • on the same level of command as knights, are scribes. record keepers, loremasters, arcane researchers, all are used as a knowledge base for the Ministry’s activities.
  • in charge of a group, or brigade, of knights/initiates are Knight Sargents, commanders who oversee missions, and ultimately decide the direction in the heat of action.
  • three to four Knight Generals oversee all the brigades and send them on their respective missions, they determine what points are most important in keeping with the Ministry goals.
  • The Minister is the figurehead in democratic decisions among himself and the Knight Generals, although if the Minister feels it is needed, he can overturn the votes of Generals.

The process of a job in the Ministry is as follows:

An issue arises, in this example, it will be that citizens have reported fearsome beasts lurking in the north-eastern swamplands. The town guard will most likely send a preliminary investigation if the matter at hand involves the safety of Veros’ inhabitants, and that there is no credible proof of magic involved. If the job is deemed to be Ministry domain, then all reports and files are handed to Ministry scribes, who compile the information needed (such as detailed reports of the beasts and educated guesses of what they might be) and hand it all up to the Knight Generals, who overlook the Quest’s report (estimating what these creatures might do if left unchecked), and determine which brigade to pass it on to, including what actions are to be taken(they might order to slaughter the beasts, force them to relocate, or capture). The Knight Sargent gathers their group of knights and initiates, and set out to handle the task.

At the current time, the brigades in action are such:

  • Sanctus Formidio, Knight Sargent Claudia

    One of the higher held brigades, well known for it’s efficiency. Although the details of their missions are held back in records, they are rumored to be “absolute”. Members of Claudia’s brigade don’t stand out very much, and don’t retain much of a personal identity, or life. Every member of Sanctus Formidio is committed to their mission.

  • Lupis Montis, Knight Sargent Grigory

    Brigade known for their fortitude and ferocity in battle. Grigory expresses joy when sent on quests to purge the land of terrifying beasts, the greater the challenge, the better. Only the strongest of body, and swiftest of mind stay in his pack. Most noted for the commendation of excellent teamwork.

  • Excessum Umbra, Knight Sargent Silvia

    Only technically on the roster of brigades. Sent on a mission into the uncharted Underdark, to chart it out and provide a mappable “lay of the land”. Was intended to be the beginning of an operation “Exitus Ostium”, which would start with establishing guarded points into important Underdark areas. Excessum Umbra has been on this mission for close to nine years.

  • Obsidian Ferrum, Knight Sargent Corvin

    A new brigade being put together of recruits. Corvin is an orc, it is assumed he came from the wasteland, although there is no proof, therefore he has not been deported or killed. He also proves to be quite skilled for the ministry’s purposes, and as such (after serving in the Inculpatus Cruor brigade, which has since then been disbanded for considerable unorthodox procedure) he was selected to remain and take charge of a brigade. Only survivor of the Inculpatus Cruor brigade.

The Ministry of Adventure Relations and Magical Object Reacquisition

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